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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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** 24/7 support Phone: 250-801-3934**

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The City of West Kelowna was formally known as Westside. Our History of Eight-two per cent of residents opted to change from the name Westside; and 48% chose West Kelowna as the new name, over other options such as Westbank, Westlake and Okanagan Hills. The Province of British Columbia made the change official by amending the Letters Patent on January 29, 2009.

At West Kelowna Concierge we offer complete customization of your trip plans. Your time is valuable so we work with you to develop a memorable holiday while saving you time and avoiding the frustration of dealing with the unknown. Our focus is to offer you an experience that fits your interests and pace.

Our consulting fees vary depending on the number of parties (individual families, multiple families, couples or individuals traveling together) involved, the complexity of the trip, and the duration of the trip. All of these costs will be explained and determined in further detail during your free consultation.

Please complete the travel questionnaire for your free consultation.

For complete trip planning services, fees start from $400. This level of service is for those in search of a complete itinerary that includes everything from the perfect accommodations to private tours from our hand-selected network of options. And it’s for those requiring a decidedly more intricate, personalized holiday. For some it entails special arrangements made in conjunction with hosting an event abroad (e.g., hosting a surprise birthday party or a family reunion). For others it includes having private tours created specifically for you.

For a la carte’ service, fees start from $150. This level of service is for those who prefer assistance with planning elements of your holiday and not its entirety. You may perhaps have already arranged your own hotel stays but need help making your holiday come to life with just the right personal guide to experience an area like a local. Or perhaps you have booked your airfare and just need help finding the perfect hotel or villa for your stay. If so, this level of service is likely for you.

Code Of Conduct

West Kelowna Concierge and Affiliate companies, all apply the government standards and requirements.
Code of Conduct – Compliant with KEY BC Traffic Laws and Driving Regulations as noted below:

* National Safety Code number * Passenger Transportation number (displayed on every vehicle) * Liability insurance ($5,000,000) * Proper ICBC insurance on all vehicles ($5,000,000) * Commercial Vehicle Inspection every 6 months on all vehicles
*City licensed and Decals, *BNB, *Health Care Certified, *Investments and Insurances, *Worksafe BC, *SuperHost, *WorldHost, *Food Safe, *Serving Right and extra.

Reservations and Inquires
West Kelowna, B.C.  Canada V4T-2H8
Open Daily **24/7 Value 
Phone: 1-250-801-3934

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